Monday, October 30, 2006

You can do it.

I Just Found Him
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Just the inspiration I needed!


Learning 2.0—THE END

I love my computers. I love Internet. I would have a hard time living and working without either. I love all the choices in technology, and I take advantage of them as I need them and usually have no problem learning or applying them if there is a need for them. However, it is with dismay that I realize that a huge portion of my life is spent in front of a computer screen. As with my television-watching, I am trying to do less, not more. I am even more horrified to see people living their LIVES via Internet and e-mail.

I learned about some interesting possibilities while navigating Learning 2.0, but I will not visit them again unless I need them. Although there is some potential for application to my work, much of what Learning 2.0 covered seemed frivolous and applied more to personal interests than to professional ones for most library employees.

I was very uncomfortable using valuable and tight work time on this activity, so it took me over 3 months to complete. I actually did almost all of it in a single day in late October. I’m completing the last steps at home. I put as little time as possible into Learning 2.0 because I had so much to do at work. I wonder, now that staff has been given what could be interpreted as permission to use personal blogs, sites such as YouTube, Flikr, download sites, etc., how does the cat get put back in the bag? Will all staff be reminded that non-job-related use of Internet is prohibited? Is everyone to be allowed to be plugged in to their MP-3 players while they work?

I can’t say I enjoyed the steps. I was bored and disgusted for the most part at the shallowness of much of what I saw. I was constantly reminded of the damage Internet is doing to language skills. On the other hand, I also caught an occasional glimpse of originality, talent, and artistry. I only wish it didn’t consume so much time to find the pearls among the drivel and trash. I saw some potential for using what I’ve learned about blogs, Flikr, Del.icio.us, Technorati, etc., in creating a site for Storytimes to Go!

I’d like to suggest that this not be an activity with a deadline. I’m sure there were others in the library system besides me who refused to use their work time to explore these sites thoroughly enough to discover the best in them. If an incentive is to be offered, give it WHENEVER the staff member completes the list. Chances are, the person who takes the longest to complete it will have learned more and intruded into their duties less to accomplish it.

In the end, after a lot of grumbling on my part, I’d say that this was the kind of learning experience where you take what you can and use it, and file the rest away. I definitely found some of the learning useful. Thank you, Helene and staff for all the hard work you put into this project.

Curling up with a Good Audio-book: A Rap of Discontent

It was finally over--Learning 2.0.
I’d learned some stuff, and I was good to go.
I’d logged and blogged and wikied and tagged,
Del.icio.us, Technorati, and YouTube were all bagged.

I was ready for some fun without so much taxation,
So I turned to my favorite form of relaxation.
I went to NetLibrary and I started to look
For an exciting thriller in an audiobook.

I found just what I needed—a Steven King thriller.
It promised to be a guaranteed bone-chiller.
I curled up on the couch with much anticipation,
I was set to enjoy my own imagination.

I listened for awhile, but my mind began to roam.
The voice in my ears became a dull drone.
My hands felt empty and my disappointment grew--
I missed the feel of paper, and I suddenly knew….

I love the voices in my mind and the pictures in my head,
That I conjure from the written words in “real” books that I’ve read.
Audiobooks have a place in life, but they’re not for me, I fear.
I prefer the voices in my head to voices in my ear.

No Podcasts for Me

I didn't like the podcast experience. I visited Podcast Alley where the titles and descriptions were interesting, but I couldn't manage to subscribe so that I could listen to any of them.

I visited podcast.net and managed to listen to parts of a few podcasts, didn't like any of them. As with much of Internet where anyone can contribute, the bulk of the offerings are junk and it's a huge waste of time to find the rare jewel.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Nobody's Watching

My Favorite YouTube Video:


I am a Diet Coke addict. My husband has been trying to talk me into doing this trick, but I don't want to waste the Diet Coke!


Like the site.
Some videos are fun.
Some are trite.
Some just dumb.



Zoho, mashup, Flikr, Wiki--
Technology is getting triki.
RSS, Rollyo, Technorati
Sound like a plot by Illuminati.

I can't help but be sus.picio.us
By a website called Del.icio.us.
Sandbox, YouTube sound like codes
In a sinister plan--by whom? Who knows?

Tricky Wiki

Starting a wiki must be a lot like starting a commune and inviting anyone who wants to join you.

Library 4.0

I'd like to skip right through Library 1.0 through 3.0 and go directly to Dr. Wendy Schultz' vision:

Library 4.0, the neo-library: Experience This will be the library for the aesthetic economy, the dream society, which will need libraries as mind gyms; libraries as idea labs; libraries as art salons. But let’s be clear: Library 4.0 will not replace Libraries 1.0 through 3.0; it will absorb them. The library as aesthetic experience will have space for all the library’s incarnations: storage (archives, treasures); data retrieval (networks—reference rooms); and commentary and annotation (salon). Available as physical places in the library “storefront,” they will also be mobile, as AR overlays we can view (via glasses, contacts, projections) anywhere. Both virtual and augmented 3D reality will enable us to manipulate data via immersive, visual, metaphorical, sculptural, holographic information theatres: the research and analytic experience will merge with drawing, dance and drama.5
But Library 4.0 will add a new mode, knowledge spa: meditation, relaxation, immersion in a luxury of ideas and thought. In companies, this may take the form of retreat space for thought leaders, considered an investment in innovation; in public libraries, the luxurious details will require private partners as sponsors providing the sensory treats. Library 4.0 revives the old image of a country house library, and renovates it: from a retreat, a sanctuary, a pampered experience with information—subtle thoughts, fine words, exquisite brandy, smooth coffee, aromatic cigar, smell of leather, rustle of pages—to the dream economy’s library, the LIBRARY: a WiFREE space, a retreat from technohustle, with comfortable chairs, quiet, good light, coffee and single malt. You know, the library.
I’ll meet you there.

Trim the Bushes

Technology and Me

I've explored My Space and Flikr
And I'm really not one to bikr,
I'm making some strides,
But I'm not satisfied.
A pencil and paper are kwikr.

Actually, I recently learned to use Microsoft Publisher to draw patterns, etc., for STG! publications. Very effective.

Old Dogs Don't Like to Blog

This blogging thing is really crazy!
Am I slow or just plain lazy?
Are blogs supposed to be amusing?
I'm afraid I find them too confusing.

They say you can't teach old dogs new tricks,
But I'm still hoping for blogs to click.
I'm afraid I'll always prefer to look
For my entertainment in a good long book.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Learning is fun everyone!

Learning is fun for everyone
Once the process is begun.
But for technically hopeless bloggers like me
This kind of learning is a bit scare-y.

I'm looking forward to it!